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Bringing the Outdoors In

Trendy is a tricky word – especially in this industry because while trendy might be fun and exciting at the time, you run the risk of going out of style - and no one wants that! At SoHo Event Design we strive to stick with classic, traditional elements that will stand the test of time – while adding in personal touches that speak to the couple’s tastes to really make their wedding day their own.

One way to do this is to bring the outdoors in! We love the idea of lush green walls used throughout the day, especially if you have an indoor venue. This beautiful design was the perfect mix of elegant luxury and classic comfort. It was like sitting down at a beautiful garden party!

Our favorite element was the custom sign we so carefully hung on the hedge walls reading “It was always you”. The white sign was beautifully crafted and was the perfect addition to the wall, making it the first then you see when you walk in the space!

Adding the grey linen under the lace overlay tied in the silver accents perfectly. It also added a bit of a warmer tone and really made the white roses pop.

It's always fun to add in different textures as well - this burgundy velvet linen was the perfect addition - adding a pop of color but keeping with the luxurious feel of the overall design. And who doesn't love velvet linen?!

Whether it’s your ceremony backdrop, a hedge wall entrance leading into your reception, or a statement piece behind the head table – it can be tailored to each individual couple so it doesn't have to be used the same way twice. This is one trend we don’t think will ever go out of style!

Concept, design, planning: SoHo Event Design & Planning / Florals & Hedge Walls: Proper Flower / Rentals: CE Rental - Charlotte / Signage: Letters To You

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